Re: Gnome-shell - some usability problems I found

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On 06/07/10 05:07, Sriram Ramkrishna wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 5:50 PM, Luke Morton <luke morton internode on net>wrote:
>> On Mon, 2010-07-05 at 18:54 +0200, Maciej Piechotka wrote:
>>> Working with workspace is harder. When I had gnome-panel I had about 8
>>> workspaces constantly opened and I had 1:1 relationship between tasks
>>> and workspaces. Now I use one workspace.
>>> The problem is the change from 'array' approach to 'linked list'
>>> approach. Also I cannot rearrange them or insert workspace in the
>>> middle.
>>> I also cannot rearrange freely the workspaces. I had the set up where
>>> all programming tasks was next to each other etc.
>> I had a similar problem until I adapted my workflow. Now I only have as
>> many workspaces open as I need at any given time. If I'm about to start
>> a new task, I open another workspace. (Note, if you drag an application
>> icon to the add workspace button in the Activities Overview that
>> application will open on a new workspace.)
> I had to do something similar.  Overall it's okay.  I tend to open terminal
> windows willy nilly since I do a lot of sysadmining stuff so I like to keep
> state on whatever other work I'm doing in other windows.  What makes it hard
> is that I do that in whatever workspace I'm in and then try to move it to
> another workspace.
> Now I do what you do for the most part.  A little getting used to though.

As I said - it's not that it is impossible - it is just harder.

<RANDOM IDEA>Maybe a list of workspace on auto-hiding sidebar[1] which
would allow drag&drop and renaming of workspaces?

If there is an API for modifying workspaces it could be a
plug-in.</RANDOM IDEA>


>> It's true that workspaces can't be rearranged (that would be sweet), but
>> shuffling applications from one workspace to another isn't that hard or
>> time consuming if you really care about their order.
> Huh, I never thought about shuffling workspaces around.  Never found a use
> for it.  I tend to keep those fixed once they are set.  Of course if there
> are workspace on demand then you really don't need it.  There needs to be a
> little adjustment in the sensitivity of workspace switching in linear mode.
>  It makes moving windows to other workspaces a big pain.  (bug filed)
> sri

When I had static workspaces in metacity I had:

General	Programming 1	Programming 2	Programming 3	
Work 1	Work 2		Programming 4	Admin

Now I had dynamic so I might have

- - General
- - Work 1
- - Programming 1
- - Admin

Now if I want to add programming task I can do it only at the end

- - General
- - Work 1
- - Programming 1
- - Admin
- - Programming 2

instead in proper place:

- - General
- - Work 1
- - Programming 1
- - Programming 2
- - Admin

[1] With all the transparent effects & stuff to look wonderful on
screenshots and presentations ;)
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