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+1 Kao Chen, exactly what I was thinking of.

Op 18-04-10 16:09, Kao Chen schreef:
Can we imagine a simple window drag and drop like in Compiz, without button or menu?
Can we just throw the application to the right or the left desktop?
It's what we already do in the overview.

If we throw the application from the last desktop it can move to the first like in a circle.
And If we really needed to place the window on a specific workspace, then we should use the overview.

2010/4/16 Apoorva Sharma <appi2012 gmail com>
Numbers or icons aren't necessary on the workspaces because the pie thrower is not for organizing windows, but rather putting them aside. That said, it would be nice to simply have rectangles representing all the workspaces appear on a long hold, so one could have a little more control regarding where the window goes.

On Apr 16, 2010, at 1:30 PM, Tanner Doshier <doshitan gmail com> wrote:

Now the issue with this extended view is just that the different workspaces aren't represented by numbers in the Shell. And I'm not quite shure how you would represent each workspace. By showing icons of the apps running on that desktop? Seems like an ugly solution.

I would defiantly be against using the numbers to represent the workspaces because PieThrower would be the only area of the Shell where the workspaces would have numbers, which is confusing/not helpful. Also, I'm not keen on the icons of the apps for each workspace, it just complicates things. 

I think the original mock-up using simple, clean arrows is the best way to go about it. For the extended view (more than one workspace) a double arrow (like fast forward buttons) would throw the window over two workspaces (my original suggestion). I like the arrows because its simple and to the point; one arrow will throw the window one workspace, two arrows will throw the window two workspaces, and so on. This works because most people have a feeling or visualization of where the current workspace (and their work) is in relation to the others, not by what number they are on, but simply by its position in the entire array (the visualization part is helped by the Overview, which displays the workspaces in position with respect to the others, not by their number or even what apps are running in them).

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