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One thing I'm seeing with these mockups is that the Add/Remove Programs... item is getting relegated into odd corners of the menu.  Add/Remove Programs is one of the most important and distinctive features that Linux has going for it.  The convenience of a good package manager scores us big kudos from new users.  Further, when new users come to our system from the land of architectural elements and fruit, they don't know the right way to get programs, and there are two ways they figure it out 1.) Their handy *nix guru friend shows it to them, 2.) They find Add/Remove in the menu.  Otherwise, they try to find executables on the web or compile from source.  Finding random binaries is potentially dangerous, and thinking you have to compile everything from source code really turns off newbies.  (Grandma won't even get this far.)  I suggest that Add/Remove is important enough to put in the top-level overlay, not because it is used every day, but because we can't afford to hide it in some submenu the user won't see until they've gone to the internet.
P.S. Apologies for the rant!
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Hey everyone,

I've put together a quick guide to my own thoughts on this, along with
an indication of how the transition between the two screens can be

Jeremy, apologies for the horrible hack job I've done on your lovely


On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 9:21 PM, Jeremy Perry <jeremy perry redhat com>
> Thanks Marina, Jon and  the rest of the desktop team for your thoughtful
> feedback on the previous mockups. I've finally posted some new stuff
> on this, hope you enjoy.
> The earlier iteration is linked at the top of that page as well.
> - Jeremy
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