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First of all, thanks to all the quick replies that I've recieved in response to my support email. I'll go through each one, and comment on each one in turn:

You're not the first.  You should follow the instructions here:

This is linked as "Note: the above is supposed to work reliably. Current
reasons why it isn't." from the Building section, which isn't very
obvious (I can't find a link to it anywhere along the lines of "this
doesn't run/execute").

I've replaced compiz with metacity, and still no luck. All the other suggestions on that page don't really apply to me.

- Have you run "jhbuild shell" before doing "./src/gnome-shell --replace"?

Running 'jhbuild shell' doesn't do anything for me. (as in nothing is outputted and nothing seems to happen)

Are you using the nvidia proprietary driver? If so, Does gnome-shell
without replace works for you? For me, nvidia, ubuntu, gnome shell
does not work. The windows simply disappear when gnome-shell is run,
and the problem is in mutter I think.

I am indeed using the nvidia proprietary driver. Gnome shell without replace gives me http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/f5591668e and a window that is mainly black, with a terminal, a pair of eyeballs and a white cross.

I don't have much of a clue what's going on, but I'll just keep 'jhbuild -f -a -c' every day until it works :D


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