Re: gnome-shell moving to Git

Le lundi 09 février 2009 à 12:09 -0500, Owen Taylor a écrit :
> Very nice. I spent a little time playing around with it since I actually
> hadn't tried creating an account or doing anything on gitorious
> previously.
> Maybe it might be good to start the project description off my
> mentioning that it is a mirror and have the URLs to the upstream
> git/cgit?
Yes, I've just fixed it.

> It seems like it would be a cool gitorious feature if you could have a
> project where the "mainline" was explicitly a mirror (and even
> auto-updated). 
> Right now it's a bit confusing that if I click "clone this repository" I
> get a repository with just your feature branch. (I was then able to
> delete your feature branch and push my own "feature branch" into it, but
> it could be confusing to git neophytes.)
Yes, this feature is really lacking, as far as I understand Gitorious,
for now the repo will only be updated when I push commits that I fetched
to my local repo from Not a big problem, but that can
look a little inconsistent - hope they'll add this ability.

> Hmm, supposedly git-bz is following pretty much the same steps as git to
> determine the editor. It checks in sequence:
>  GIT_EDITOR environment variable
>  core.editor git preference
>  EDITOR environment variable
> Looking over the git docs it also looks like it might check the VISUAL
> environment variable. Is that set for you? If not, do you have any idea
> of git is finding out about nano?
You're right, I read the editor.c file too. But I've found the
explanation in the Debian diff file:
 	if (!editor)
-		editor = "vi";
+		editor = "editor";

I guess this method is specific to Debian, else they would have sent it to upstream.
But can't you just use the launch_editor () function? That seems more logical and would solve the problem (else I won't die from it, you knnow...).

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