Re: gnome-shell moving to Git

OK, I've opened a bug about that here:
It should help discussing issues about that module.

I've also set up a gnome-shell project on Gitorious (let's be open
source to the end!):
Hope this will allow other contributors to add code to gnome-shell.

Owen, your git bz tool is quite useful (not really for that precise
project since the 'patch' is large), I guess that will be very helpful
when (if) GNOME switches completely to git.
A little remark, though: on my (Ubuntu) box, the editor defaults to vi,
which I don't use for a while, so I was a little confused to see it pop
up. It's because the environment variable EDITOR is not set. While I can
do this manually, AFAIK git and other tools usually find out that I
prefer nano - so maybe there's a more reliable way of checking that (is
sensible-editor a pure debianism?). Just an idea...


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