Re: Metacity, Mutter, GNOME Shell, GNOME-2.28

>  Personally, we should cede the desktop to other projects like XFCE
> that work very well with minimal hardware requirements.  I've noticed
> a lot of projects in GNOMEFiles with goals to write "lightweight"
> panels and what not.  10 years is a reasonable amount of time to
> expect hardware requirements to change.  Looking forward seems to be
> the best course.

Not that I have anything against a crazy high-traffic thread making a
peaceful conclusion, but I found it odd how this discussion ended as
soon as Sri made this awesome point. I, for one, fully agree.

It's already the case that users can switch pretty seamlessly between
GNOME and XFCE since the two use mostly the same technologies at heart.
It could be made smoother, for example bridging Evolution and the
calendar / email system XFCE uses. That could be as simple as providing
a GNOME Clock Applet clone for xfce that distros could ship.

XFCE does an awesome job; it is mature, fast and attractive. Its panel
works quite well. It would be really great to see that product treated
like a first class alternative instead of duplicating efforts :)


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