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Tomas Frydrych a écrit :
> Josselin Mouette wrote:
>> I don’t think maintaining a few more packages (especially packages that
>> already exist today) is a big effort. But it stills bother me if we are
>> going to propose two entirely different user experiences with two
>> different configurations. For the end user, it will just feel like we
>> are shipping two desktop environments.
> I think that is a wrong way of looking at it; we are going to be
> shipping one, unified desktop environment with a particular set of HW
> requirements. In addition to this it will be possible to downgrade this
> to the older Gnome desktop environment for legacy HW that does not meet
> the requirements.

I couldn't agree more.

Furthermore, this is already the case today. The GNOME based environment running
on my N810 tablet is different from the one I run on my "big iron" desktop
machine. And I find that very cool that we can have different flavors of GNOME
tailored for different HW capabilities - if, of course, we can afford it.

I am not sure users are complaining about that state of things today.


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