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Thank You Marina!!

I have posted a bug report at: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=578776 about a usability minor problem & that only if one starts the Shell via a "normal" /bin call...I have also talked to Owen (not sure if I should bug report this) about the new menu in expanded view hanging onto highlights...

My E-mail to him as follows:

Thank you for the reply Owen!!!

I posted a report at: bug 578776 about gtkutil.js not being pulled over to the /install side...gnome-shell works very well on my system (i7 920, Gigabyte SLI motherboard). Speed seems good, shell is reasonably responsive...The only other thing I see is that when one clicks on the new menu, main headings stay highlighted afterwards, you can't just move thru the list & have things return to a "waiting state"--if you goto a desktop & then back--all are un-highlighted again.

Do you want this as a report also?

Have a Super Easter!!!!

Dean Loros
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