OK, finally I could test gnome-shell in real life a bit. Aside from some
graphic problems which seem to be related to the intel driver things
look pretty cool.

Anyway, I don't really like the tasklist as it is currently because of
two reasons:
* It wastes a of space
* it doesn't really follow the gnome-shell design.

While the second is of course fixable the first is really annoying. Of
course on your 22' display that doesn't matter much but remember that
probably 60% of sold PCs are netbook/notebook that have usually much
small displays.

I think that was suggested before but what about adding a tasklist into
the empty besides the "Activities" button:
* Currently this space is really dead
* Cluttering the space with menus doesn't seem to be a good idea
* using the whole area for icons neither
* the approach could be like the Ubuntu-Netbook Remix window chooser
that just shows the title of the currently active window and icons for
the other windows. That's pretty space saving.
* On bigger display that could also be a some kind of dynamic, probably
showing the title of more than one window if there is enough space.

Probably this idea needs some comments from a11y. I also think it was
proposed before. Given that most of the code is already there that
shouldn't be too difficult.


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