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I moved the expanded view mockups to
because as Jon pointed out they were not discussed at the hackfest. These mockups were instrumental in implementing the expanded view for applications and documents, but we are currently not using the scrollbar that is shown on them, and are doing paging instead.

Dean, lower panel is hard-coded at present, but it is our goal to replace it with something more convenient and interesting. There are no current plans for how we'll be able to allow different panel types, add-ons, or incorporate GNOME Do, but this will be addressed in the future.

We'd like to enable having a different wallpaper for each desktop. Here is a mockup from Brian Fleeger that captures the idea: N05/3334338024/sizes/o/in/photostream/

While no work has been done so far to enable different wallpapers, the idea from this mockup to use a zoomed in and fuzzed out wallpaper image for the overlay wallpaper is currently being implemented by Sander Dijkhuis:

You can definitely file bug reports in Bugzilla or add your design ideas to the wiki. You can also use the IRC channel to get quick feedback about the bugs you are encountering.


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Desktop is managed by nautilus, an so is wallpaper. Multiple wallpaper for workspaces is ever poping request, but it looks like nobody from developers is interested (you know, obligate: code it yourself response) 

Disappearance of bottom panel is one of the goals for gnome-shell. 

I would rather focus on basic concept, which is ill IMHO. That mockups are too messy, just look at this 

It's abuse of scrollbar, whenever you want do something quickly (launch application, document,..), don't use scrollbar, it's usability killer! 

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I have been running gnome-shell & have a couple of questions: 

Where are the configs for the lower panel or is it hard-coded at present? I would like to run a lower panel similar to the one I am using in my current Gnome session or are there plans to extend to allow such things as Gnome-do, AWN or another panel type? 

Second question: Are there plans to allow changing wallpaper, either by each desktop to further define each space or all change at a given time interval (such as Wallpaper-tray or similar)? 

Lastly: I think I have the link to bug reporting, are reports encouraged or wanted at this time? 

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