Re: able to customize bottom panel?


2009/4/10 Dušan Maliarik <dusan maliarik gmail com>:
> Desktop is managed by nautilus, an so is wallpaper. Multiple wallpaper for
> workspaces is ever poping request, but it looks like nobody from developers
> is interested (you know, obligate: code it yourself response)
> Disappearance of bottom panel is one of the goals for gnome-shell.
> I would rather focus on basic concept, which is ill IMHO. That mockups are
> too messy, just look at
> this
> It's abuse of scrollbar, whenever you want do something quickly (launch
> application, document,..), don't use scrollbar, it's usability killer!

Generally agree with you.  I'm not sure why those images are on the
hackfest page since they were not produced during the hackfest and do
not represent the ideas we discussed there.


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