[Gnome-print] Re: PS Obsession????

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Juantomas Garcia wrote:
> ...
> This's really courious at least. More than 90% percent of the
> printers in the world are not PS.  Mostly PCL* and EPSON*. We don't

True, however I'm just stating that current UNIX applications output
PostScript.  That is one of the reasons printing under UNIX has
traditionally been so difficult...

> ...
> The choice of the easiest path to support printing in old Unixes
> is one of the mayor lacks of the Unixes applications. I never
> understand why I need to buy or sell a printer to work properly
> with an app.

You do that every time you use Windows, MacOS, etc.  (you pick a
printer that will work with your OS or a particular application)

> ...
> OK, but we're wasting a lot of time and words talking about just
> the 10% of the printers ....

No, the number of PS printers is much higher.  Almost all laser
printers that are sold today provide PostScript emulation (if not
standard, as an option).

However, that isn't the point.  The point is "do we want a GNOME-
only printing solution or a general UNIX/Linux printing solution".

I think we want the latter.  If GNOME can contribute new printing
technologies that benefit all applications (and I think it CAN),
then all the better.  However, PostScript is still the defacto
standard for printing under UNIX, and will likely remain so for
quite some time.  Why not develop printing software that will work
with *both* GNOME *and* legacy UNIX apps?

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Printing Software for UNIX                       http://www.easysw.com

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