[Gnome-print] PS Obsession????

Michael Sweet wrote:
Well, like it or not PostScript is the defacto standard printing
language for 90% of all UNIX apps.  This doesn't mean that it is
the best solution, just the easiest.
This's really courious at least. More than 90% percent of the printers in
the world are not PS.  Mostly PCL* and EPSON*. We don't need to lose
the point that GNOME proyect is oriented to _every_people_ not just
the companies with expensives printers (cost of ps printers doubles the
price of normal ones).

The choice of the easiest path to support printing in old Unixes is one
of the mayor lacks of the Unixes applications. I never understand why
I need to buy or sell a printer to work properly with an app.

Any general printing solution for UNIX/Linux must support PostScript
to be accepted.  If GNOME can add a new, portable metafile format
that is resource-friendly and will allow for things like accounting,
color management, etc., then it will likely become a viable
alternative to PostScript for application printing.
OK, but we're wasting a lot of time and words talking about just
the 10% of the printers ....

Best Regards

Juantomás García       Miembro de Hispalinux 
http://www.disoft.es   Comite Organizador Expo-Linux 2001

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