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I think that there might be a fairly quick and dirty way of working
around this problem.

1) We modify libppd to handle PPD files that specify hex encodings of
binary strings. These encodings will be pretty much limited to the
beginning and the end of the documents.

2) We create a new little program like pstops or ppdfilt which does
the necessary binary file munging.

It wouldn't work in every situation but we could improve on it over
time by providing context clue kind of things for finding the
appropriate places to insert control codes within the binary stream of


> Ben Woodard wrote:
> > ...
> > The tricky part is getting PPD files to work with non-ps printers. I
> > spent a couple days recently seeing what it would take to enhance gs
> > drivers to handle many of the things that are commonly done in PPD
> > files. It appears non-trivial.
> The standard gdevprn and friends supports the PageSize and Duplex
> settings; most of the GS drivers provide BitsPerPixel and other
> settings.  Adding additional variables is not difficult - see the
> gdevcups driver in the CUPS version of GNU GhostScript for an
> example that supports all of the Adobe standard page dictionary
> variables.
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