Re: Press Release Worksheet


Thanks so much for thinking this through and putting this together.

On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 4:21 PM, Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier <jzb zonker net> wrote:

I'm *mainly* thinking about press releases, but this might extend to
other types of announcements.

Maybe one of the first questions should be something to decide what type of announcement it should be. We have a couple of blogs where we can announce news that's bigger than a tweet but smaller than a press release.

4.) Who should be quoted in this release? Please provide contact
information if at all possible.

What do you want the quoted people to say? (It often helps to actually provide the quote for them but at the least please let the press team know why you'd like this person to support the announcement.)

6.) Please supply as much supporting detail as possible, or links to
supporting information: Such as, event dates, download locations, etc.
Please attach any release notes, announcements, links to blogs, etc.
that might be used for this announcement.
I think the shorter this form, the better. Or at least have a top set of questions and then some optional ones. But if you were going to add more, here are some more ideas.

Are there people that can help release this news in other channels? i.e. someone on the team with a large twitter following should also retweet the press release.

Maybe also a question about any other channels that might be interested in the news? Like an accessibility announcement might have other news channels other than our regular technology ones.

Is there any controversy around this announcement? Will we be likely to get any questions that are hard to answer? If so, what are they? (Bonus points for the answers to the hard questions as well!)

Is there an upcoming event or happening that it might make sense to announce this? i.e. an accessibility announcement might be announced during the CSUN conference to get attention from all the press covering CSUN and accessibility.

Where can people go for more information?

Is this announcement targeted at developers, users or somebody else?

Are there other organizations that might be interested in releasing this announcement with us?

Thanks again!


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