Press Release Worksheet

Hi all,

Working on streamlining announcements and such. Knocked up a worksheet
that I'll be using to gather information for press releases in the
future. Anything that should be added or anything that's unclear here?




GNOME PR Worksheet

This is to help simplify putting together a press release / press push
for GNOME activities. We don't need to do press releases for every
GNOME activity or release, but should think about the activities and
events that will generate the greatest press interest. Note that press
releases, in and of themselves, do little to garner press interest.
The news itself needs to be compelling. :-)

1.) What's the target date for the announcement? Is this a hard deadline?

2.) What is the news that is to be announced?

3.) What are the primary "messages" or key points to be conveyed by
the announcement? What are the most important facts or ideas that a
reporter or reader should take away from the release?

*** For example: 3 to 5 bullet points about the event or release. If
it's a software release, the top 3 to 5 benefits of the release for
users and that will interest press. If an event, the top 3 to 5 ideas
(not counting the event details like dates or location) that a reader
should come away with. ***

4.) Who should be quoted in this release? Please provide contact
information if at all possible.

5.) Who should be the key spokesperson or persons for this
announcement (if different or additional to above)?

6.) Please supply as much supporting detail as possible, or links to
supporting information: Such as, event dates, download locations, etc.
Please attach any release notes, announcements, links to blogs, etc.
that might be used for this announcement.

7.) Who needs to "sign off" on the release before it is published?

Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier <jzb zonker net>

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