Re: sync birthdays?

On Thu, 2007-01-04 at 09:52 +0000, Matt Davey wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-01-03 at 14:47 -0500, Matt Price wrote:
> > Hi gnome-piloteers,
> > 
> > I've recently realized I'd better implement a birthday-memory-supplement
> > in my personal life.  So I would like to sync birthdays between my palm
> > (T|X) and evolution (2.8.1) using gnome-pilot 2.0.14 and pilot=link
> > 0.12.1.   This is all on ubuntu edgy, using the official edgy packages,
> > though the system has a couple of other feisty packages; syncing is over
> > wireless or bluetooth (usb sync didn't work, as discussed some months
> > ago on this list).
> I've made available some unofficial edgy packages that fix at least some
> of the timing problems with USB syncing:


I didn't try this when you first suggested it, but I recently updated to
feisty, remembered this post, and plugged in my sync cable to the usb
port... presto!  it works!  This is really great for me and
significantly improves th usability of evo and the palm both.  thanks!


Matt Price
History Dept
University of Toronto
matt price utoronto ca

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