Re: sync birthdays?

On Wed, 2007-01-03 at 14:47 -0500, Matt Price wrote:
> Hi gnome-piloteers,
> I've recently realized I'd better implement a birthday-memory-supplement
> in my personal life.  So I would like to sync birthdays between my palm
> (T|X) and evolution (2.8.1) using gnome-pilot 2.0.14 and pilot=link
> 0.12.1.   This is all on ubuntu edgy, using the official edgy packages,
> though the system has a couple of other feisty packages; syncing is over
> wireless or bluetooth (usb sync didn't work, as discussed some months
> ago on this list).

I've made available some unofficial edgy packages that fix at least some
of the timing problems with USB syncing:

>   As far as I can tell the birthday information
> doesn't get synced along with the rest of the contact info.  Am I right
> about this?  Is there an upgrade to pilot-link, gnome-pilot, and/or
> evolution that can fix the issue?

As you probably know, the birthday field and a few others were
introduced in the OS5 release.  The recently released pilot-link 0.12
provides some library-level support for parsing the new fields but this
support is, I believe, somewhat beta.  David, do you want to comment?

The Evolution conduit needs to be updated to support the new fields,
however.  The evo-conduits could do with some love, really.  I find the
addresses sync gets very confused with first/last name mapping ever
since Evo decided to attempt to map "full names" to first/last names
automagically.  Disaster.  I haven't looked at the evo data structures,
but I presume sanity can be restored.... Volunteers are welcome.


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