Re: (FreeBSD) gnome-pilot won't sync

On Tue, 2006-12-12 at 10:18 +0000, Matt Davey wrote:

> The first problem is that you need the 'xsltproc' program to build the
> documentation.  The pilot-link configuration code should really tell you
> this and refuse to build.  If you install xsltproc (on my fedora system,
> it's in the 'libxslt' package), you will get warnings, but the make may
> complete anyway.

I do have libxslt 1.1.17 installed, and whereis reveals that xsltproc is
in fact installed, too.

However, here's an update to my problem.  I realized that FreeBSD has a
kernel module driver (a pair, actually, ucom and uvisor) which does
exactly what you described in an earlier email - it produces a ttyU*
device.  Once I got that module loaded, and sorted out permissions for
the ttyU* devices, I was able to get my pilot-xfer to work from a
terminal with pilot-xfer -p /dev/ttyU0 -l.  Hooray!

When I started up the gnome-pilot applet, things went OK at first.  It
connected to the visor and got the name and ID.  But there are two
issues.  When I try to sync with the "Test" conduit, I get an error
dialog with this message:  "Unkown PDA - no PDA matches ID -11493666756
Use gnomecc to configure gnome-pilot"

The other problem is perhaps off-topic for this list.  It is that I'd
ultimately like to sync with Evolution,and I can't find the evolution
conduits in gnome-pilot's list.  I've got gnome-pilot 2.0.15 and
gnome-pilot-conduits 2.0.15 installed, but the Evolution conduits don't
show up under gnome-pilots conduits tab.  Are the Evolution conduits in
gnome-pilot-conduits?  I'm still poking around trying to figure this

So that's the situation now.  Sorry about my earlier confusion with
regard to the drivers I needed.


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