Re: DNS problem using Treo with bluetooth. Fedora Core 3.

David A. Desrosiers wrote:
You should know that for the past 16-24 hours I have been getting a 
"connection refused" for * and I've been having to 
surf the site through google's cache, which is not ideal! It's odd 
because I was surfing the site fine, then it just died on me and I 
haven't been able to get back since?

	My hyperactive intrusion/abuse system saw your 160 hits in a 
manner of minutes as maliscious and automatically blocked you. I just 
removed the block and you should be ok now. Try again and let me know 
if it works.
Hehe I told you I was reading it a lot!! Thanks I can get in again now. I remember I was clicking back and forward from the menu/contents links an awful lot - it would be really helpful if the whole document could be shown on one page.

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