Re: Kyocera 7135 not behaving with gpilot

Samuel Ziegler wrote:
Just another data point, I have had no issues with the Kyocera 7135 when
using the serial port.  With the USB connection, I have successfully got
it to sync once or twice, but it is flaky enough to be unusable (even
with kernel mods, devices.xml, udev mods... blah blah blah).

BTW, this has been true for at least RH9, FC1, FC2, and FC3.

I've had the same problem. I've never tried the serial port (I don't even know if I connected the back of the case to the mobo).

I posted to this list about the problem before and the only response was something to the effect of "You must be using a Sony".

Mark Healey
marklist healeyonline com

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