Kyocera 7135 not behaving with gpilot

Greetings.  I'm demo'ing a Kyocera 7135 and trying to get it to sync
with evolution (2.0.4).  I have gnome-pilot-2.0.12 and

`pilot-xfer -l` works great.  gnome-pilot doesn't.  It sits at the
"Initial sync" window saying to press the sync button on the cradle,
well after I've done so.  The kyocera sits at the "connecting to
desktop" screen waiting for the PC to make contact.  I select /dev/pilot
(which is set up by udev from /dev/ttyUSB1) and USB for connection
types, as well as the fastest speed and timeout of 4.

I _have_ added the necessary line to /usr/share/gnome-pilot/devices.xml,
however that file doesn't even seem to come into play yet.

Output of /proc/bus/usb/devices and lsusb, as well as other
bioinformatics have been collected here:

Any help this week would be much appreciated before I have to return the
unit or commit to it.
Don Seiler
don seiler us

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