Re: Kyocera 7135 not behaving with gpilot

On 15:22 Wed 09 Mar     , Don Seiler wrote:
> On 13:09 Wed 09 Mar     , Samuel Ziegler wrote:
> > Just another data point, I have had no issues with the Kyocera 7135 when
> > using the serial port.  With the USB connection, I have successfully got
> > it to sync once or twice, but it is flaky enough to be unusable (even
> > with kernel mods, devices.xml, udev mods... blah blah blah).

OK well it seemed to work the first time for initial setup.  Only my
first real attempt at syncing crashed the evolution exchange backend and
now if I try to open Pilot Settings, nothing opens.  I can still do
pilot-xfer just fine.

I have tried to shutdown all of evolution (even backend stuff) and
restart it, but no change.

Don Seiler
don seiler us

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