Re: Sony Clie with USB sync

> 	There is a workaround in place in pilot-link to sleep() until the
> port becomes available, for a maximum of 5 seconds. You can hit sync on the
> Palm first, or launch pilot-xfer first, and it will just hook up. It works
> with J-Pilot and gnome-pilot in my tests here.

Well apperantly that is my problem.
Unless i start gpilotd during a sync then gpilotd wont work. I have set
the timout to the maximum possible but it still dosn't work. Dosn't work
with pilot-xfer but seems to work with jpilot. I think this requires
more trial and error with those two.

Also, I more or less have everything set up like Lars's tutorial.

Anyway, thank you both for your much appriciated help


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