Re: can't get gnome calendar to sync

eskil eazel com writes:

> gnome-pim is abandoned. Evolution will replace it. If you can give
> me very precise samples of data that corrupts (not just "periodic
> events"), but something like "an event on bla date from x to y
> o'clock set to repeat at blablabla", can maybe help me actually fix
> it, but I'm too busy to search for the bug without concise info.

Or, since I've recently delved into the recurring event code, give me
a more general idea of problems (ie, monthly events by date, just
fixed) and I'll look into it and feed fixes back here.

Eskil, how dead is gnome-pim?  Any chance of my recurring event patch
making it into a new release?  It will still be a while till Evolution
is ready and it's a small fix.  (Incidently, the conduit side also
afflicts Evolution... I can generate a patch for that or you can just
use the second hunk of my old patch.

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