Re: can't get gnome calendar to sync

Matt Doyle <matt_the_bishop hotmail com> wrote:
> Running Red Hat 6.2.  Installed:
> gnome-pilot-0.1.52-0_helix_1.i386.rpm
> gnome-pim-1.2.0-0_helix_1.i386.rpm
> gnome-pim-conduits-
> from HelixCode's site.
> All works fine, except the Gnome Calendar conduit which doesn't appear
> to do anything except open the calendar.  No data is transferred to
> the calendar.
> I've also tried it with gnome-pilot-0.1.54-1.i386.rpm from
> Could someone point me in the right direction please?  What
> versions/distributions of the packages would you recommend?  Also,
> which calendar file does the calendar conduit sync with, or does it
> just sync with Gnome Calendar directly?

I have exactly the same problem; I'll log a bug at

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