Re: can't get gnome calendar to sync

Donovan Baarda wrote:

> Quoting Matt Doyle <matt_the_bishop hotmail com>:
> > Running Red Hat 6.2.  Installed:
> [...]
> > from HelixCode's site.
> >
> > All works fine, except the Gnome Calendar conduit which doesn't appear
> > to do anything except open the calendar.  No data is transferred to the
> > calendar.
> I had similar problems but eventualy got it to work, sort of. It might be the
> conduit settings need to be set as "Syncronise", or perhaps it's just that
> calendar which pops up on sync needs to be closed and re-started to see the
> changes.

Or click on another date, gnomecal will then redraw and update with the changed

> I had a browse around the gnome-pim and gnome-pilot buglists and found heaps
> outstanding, but nothing obviously discribing the corruption of periodic
> events. I did see something on the discussion lists about patches to fix this
> problem, but it doesn't look like they have been applied yet. Basicly, gnome-
> pim looks like an orphaned project.

gnome-pim is abandoned. Evolution will replace it. If you can give me very precise

samples of data that corrupts (not just "periodic events"), but something like
"an event on bla date from x to y o'clock set to repeat at blablabla", can maybe
help me actually fix it, but I'm too busy to search for the bug without concise

And also, I've given up on the gnome-pilot bts. There are too many odd & invalid
bugs (thanks bugbuddy) and debian bts is too much of a bitch to use.  I'll solve

(oh, this isn't mean to sound harsh or anything, it's just the sorry state that
are in these days).


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