Re: Unable to configure calendar, address book and some other conduits

On 2 Oct 2000, Federico Heinz wrote:

> Here I go again, replying to my own messages.
> On 02 Oct 2000 17:16:27 ART, Federico Heinz said:
> > I'm having a tough time configuring my conduits.
> > [...]
> >  Perhaps unrelated to this (but maybe not), I was unable to get the Palm to sync
> >  with the daemon until I forced the Palm's ID to 0, [...]
> As it turns out, it was not unrelated at all. I somehow managed to set the Sync
> ID of my Palm to 3141516 (I know I missed a figure), and to sync using that ID.
> Now I am perfectly able to configure the missing conduits.

Thank you! I was neither able to access my conduit settings in
gnome-pilot. But when I changed pilot ID != 0 and used "send to pilot", I
could suddenly configure "the missing conduits". Great!

Now I only should figure out how to get AvantGo/libmal out of cvs (assumes
it's there), build it (myself...shiver) and install it. Or someone could
do release so helix code got that stuff.

Anyhow, great stuff dudes!! ;-)


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