RE: USB Visor cradle and gnome-pilot?

> > Have you or anyone else have success with basic pilot-link tools
> > over USB?
> Yes, I have using Linux 2.3.42 and a stock pilot-link 0.9.3.  
> /dev/pilot is symlinked to /dev/ttyUSB1.  I forget how the USB dev and
> proc entries are structured, but watching for the devices that are
> created when the device comes on the bus should be sufficient, and
> then speak to it like a regular serial port.

	I rather like how Greg worded it. The USB cradle is nothing more
than an extension cord for the USB bus. The Visor is the end-device, not
the cradle. The device is not connected until you "plug the extension cord
in", i.e. hit the Hotsync button.

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