Re: USB Visor cradle and gnome-pilot?

"eric a . Farris" wrote:

Sorry for the late answer.

> > Then gpilotd would not really be able to detect a sync (except for trying to bind
> > every x seconds, but thats hardly optimal). Guess that could be solved
> > by adding an option to the applet, so you'd have to press the applet
> > to initialize sync.
> i agree that that's hardly optimal; there must be a better way. if the
> kernel was compiled with the USB file system (CONFIG_USB_DEVICEFS),
> then gpilotd could watch for the corresponding entry in /proc. there
> are also console messages that appear when the sync is started:

Hmm, yes, that would definitely be better and not that much extra work. Only problem
is, that this would require me to have a Visor before I could try it, whereas the other
solutions could be tested using XCopilot.


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