Re: gnome-pilot && keyspan usb pda adapter (usb -> serial port)

> Yep, /dev/ttyUSB0. I'm running 2.2.16 patched with the
> usb-2.4.0-test2-pre2-for-2.2.16-v3.diff and keyspan_pda-2.diff posted
> by Al Borchers to the linux-usb-devel list. Prior to applying the
> keyspan_pda-2 patch my machine would lock up if I tried using gpilotd
> and pppd.

	No patches. I've tried both the native 2.2.16 kernel (with it's
included USB support, which is commented out in the, as I'm sure
you've found out) and the backport patch. But... I think I spoke too soon
yesterday. I had a different pilot configured to talk to gpilotd. I just
tested again, and it doesn't seem to connect at this point. I have one
pilot out the back of my "standard" serial port, one pilot connecting over
IrDA, and one pilot connected via the keyspan adapter in the USB port (3
out of the 7 pilots I use, that is).

	I'll see if I can dig into this a bit and find the problem and a
possible solution (though this isn't my project =)

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