Backup conduit behavior


I recently switched from command line pilot-link to the gnome pilot
infrastructure, basically because of cradle initiated syncs and multiple
conduit activations in the same sync.

Great program. Congratulations. But, I really miss the behavior of
pilot-link -s. The backup conduit, apparently, only stores bases not
associated with others conduits. I believe it would be great if there
was a configuration option (maybe in the backup conduit capplet) to
select *all* bases to be backed up.

The rationale behind this is:
 -> It eases restores using only pilot-link;
 -> It provides protection for the paranoid :) and against buggy 
    conduits and/or programs;
 -> It allows access to all pilot's bases "off-line" to others programs
    (my cron scripts, for instance). 
The problem I see associated with this option is a possible
inconsistency performing a restore to the pilot. What shoukd take
precedency, the conduit data or the backed up base?

Am I suggesting blasphemy? There is some hidden project
decision/limitation I'm not aware?


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