Re: Backup conduit behavior

Eskil Heyn Olsen wrote:
> You're probably suggesting blasphemy in the eyes of the 3Com people who
> wrote
> some pdf file I used as a guide line for gpilotd.

The same guide that states that a base without conduit and not marked
for backup is not to be backed up. Go buy BackupBuddy. It's not our
fault. Don't bother us. :)

> It says, that the backup conduit should handle db's not handled by any
> other conduit.
> Hence this behaviour (manager.c: 275).
> As I actually agree with you, and can't be arsed to implement the optional
> toggle (those db's
> aren't that large anyways), so I've moved the evil "if", so all bases are
> now backed up...
> Will commit later tonight...

Great! Thanks!


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