Re: Gnome-pilot

COFFMAN Steven wrote:

> I could loan you a handspring visor for a week or two, or I could send you
> $30 to help subsidize your purchase. If we got each of those 50 message
> senders to send you $5, we'd have enough. $250 is a little steep for an

Not a bad plan,  but do you want to persuade the public ?

I could also make an evil fork of gnome-pilot into a shareware version to
raise the cash to get one :-) No wait... that would be evil.

Once my economy has settled after my transatlantic move, I'll probably get
my finger out of my butt and get me one. Or I'll try and get Eazel (the company

I work for) buy me one.

> individual. (of course, you'll need to test the handspring *deluxe*, right?

Ofcourse :-)

> P.S. I liked the /dev/eskil .sig

I am only a part of something bigger.


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