Re: Backup conduit behavior

Gustavo Maciel Dias Vieira wrote:

> Great program. Congratulations.

Thanks, we aim to please and kill.

> But, I really miss the behavior of
> pilot-link -s.

This options should be working now (well, it moves them into a

> Am I suggesting blasphemy? There is some hidden project
> decision/limitation I'm not aware?

You're probably suggesting blasphemy in the eyes of the 3Com people who
some pdf file I used as a guide line for gpilotd.

It says, that the backup conduit should handle db's not handled by any
other conduit.
Hence this behaviour (manager.c: 275).

As I actually agree with you, and can't be arsed to implement the optional
toggle (those db's
aren't that large anyways), so I've moved the evil "if", so all bases are
now backed up...
Will commit later tonight...

Now I just need my blank box for doing a new release...


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