Re: We're removed from FC2 ?

On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 01:02:36AM +0100, Marc Maurer wrote:
> > Is there a "Gnome Office Working Group" type steering committee who 
> > actually handles and organizes these things? 
> Not really. There is a GO-Mailing list, but it has been quite dead
> for a while now. If some people are interested in creating a real
> office suite, please go ahead and start discussing things on the
> GO list. A lot of users would appreciate that I'd think.

Things are improving.  To date the main bottle necks have been two

1) There was nowhere for the apps to share code.  This problem is
  going away with the inclusion of libgsf in the xp layer of abiword.
  It will also get substantialyl better in the coming weeks when
  libgoffice moves out of gnumeric core and into a standalone

2) Our apps have focused on domain expertise at the expense of
   integration.  To me this is a good thing.  It is the reason
   Gnumeric and Abiword are good at their respective tasks.  It
   takes time to lear/earn that sort of experience.  However, we do
   need to make more of an effort towards integration now.
   Hopefully (1) will help us down that path.

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