Re: We're removed from FC2 ?

On 01/28/04 18:02:36, Marc Maurer wrote:
> Is there a "Gnome Office Working Group" type steering committee who
> actually handles and organizes these things?

Not really. There is a GO-Mailing list, but it has been quite dead for
a while now. If some people are interested in creating a real office
suite, please go ahead and start discussing things on the GO list. A
lot of users would appreciate that I'd think.

I recommend a pseudo-committee of the lead developers of everyone currently in GOffice. Since they already talk at eachother anyways, it already exists!

Dom, Jody, Rodrigo and...?


Fake Bureaucracy--it's better than the real thing!
And, we'll look just like the rest of Gnome, except with Nelson's twiki thing going on in our pages.

Gnome really lets us do that?

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