Re: We're removed from FC2 ?

On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 12:13:36AM +0100, Marc Maurer wrote:
> > I think GNOME Office needs to make more noise and get more face time  
> > within the next year, or I might not have anything about the users to  
> > add to the AWN when GOffice goes 1.2/2.0.  Maybe a /. interview could  
> > be arranged or something?
> For a start, we should update the GOffice homepage, which has this
> "Gnome Office is actually a meta-project" nonsense on it. Then, we
> should become a 'real' office suit, with a select group of high
> quality _office_ applications.

It boils down to resources.  If someone can step up to the plate and
work on the website it would be a huge help.

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