Re: Defining Gnome Office

On Wed, 2003-11-19 at 18:11, Charles Goodwin wrote:
> Gnome Office seems to lack any kind of definition.
> To quote Alan Horkan (apologies in advance):
> "Gnome Office [is] an informal grouping to help inform users."
I think we tried to extend that meaning with the GNOME Office 1.0
release, sadly only containing 3 apps. The idea with that release was to
offer a group of apps that were somewhat integrated. Of course, that
integration was not much, but the plan was to start with more
integration work after that 1.0 release.

So, I think we should really concentrate on having the apps integrated,
so that they are really a suite of collaborative apps. Of course, we can
always link to other apps, or even release them, but I think the goal
should be integration.

>   o  Gnome Office should be about promoting the usage of member
>      applications and encouraging their combined usage
yeah, this should be #1 :-)

> A set of criteria for Gnome Office membership should be drawn up.  Some 
> thoughts on that would be things like basic HIG (although not strict 
> HIG), and activity (at least trying to keep up with Gnome).
and integration (or willing to integrate) with the other apps should be
also in the set.


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