Re: Gnome Office updates

There's a difference between being all-inclusive and referencing/supporting.

The 'Gnome Office' default apps should all be best of breed, but we should encourage futher development of other office applications for Gnome.

In my opinion, if they're not "included" and instead only "referenced", then they're not part of Gnome Office and thus don't belong on our "Software that makes up Gnome Office" webpage. Maybe they could be included in a "related projects" page, but then I think that we'd be jerks if we also didn't include links to OpenOffice, KOffice, etc... there as well.

So we should encourage better collaboration of the small set of apps, but also encourage others with an approach of "we'll help and advocate you as an office application for Gnome, but not part of the Gnome Office suite of applications."

Right. So again, these sorts of projects don't belong in our software list.

One of the big things about Free Software is motivation. It's very easy to get started, but much hard to progress and complete software. We should take a proactive approach to keeping the development of other applications active/

I've started and maintained more projects than I care to mention. We all know all of this. There is a distinct difference between proactively motivating other applications and presenting a unified front to our users. I don't want to slight, ignore, or cause to stagnate any software project here. But I also don't want to confuse our users, deliver an inferior product to them, or weaken my brands' names.

Gnome Office first and foremost must be about making decisions that are best for our users. While I want to motivate and help as many other software projects out there, that is a secondary goal here, and one probably not best done via this forum. I want what's best for our users, and I see that as being (at least partially) incompatible with promoting every piece of software that comes across freshmeat.



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