Re: Defining Gnome Office

Some more thoughts on the matter.

It would be a good way of coordinating things like:

 o  Translations
      which currently vary across Gnome Office

 o  Release Builds
      using common build maintainers to get all of Gnome
      Office available of supported platforms

 o  User Support
      through a common mailing list and forums so that
      project devs can concentrate on their projects

 o  Resources
      offer resources such as web space, web pages, issue
      tracking etc to take another weight off of projects

 o  User Documentation
      in a common place in a standard format, making it
      easier for Joe Shmoe to get into Gnome Office

 o  Developer Documentation and Support
      so project developers can get advice and help on
      issues like making/keeping their Gnome Office apps
      portable to other platforms

Am I the only one who thinks there is an awful lot of potential here?

- Charlie

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