Re: EggMenu

Gustavo Giráldez <gustavo giraldez gmx net> writes: 
> It currently does the IDE-style type of docking you mention, but does
> not manage toolbars/menus.  It was originally based on GnomeDock, but
> has recently gone a major redesign.
> Also, the Gimp 1.3 has a dock with similar functionality, though takes a
> totally different approach.
> As for GdlDock, I'm open to all kind of opinions (esp. wrt to the
> overall design), and if you're interested I would be willing to work on
> any changes you want to do to it.

An important first step is to do a writeup of GnomeDock, GdlDock,
whatever Gimp has, and whatever Java and Qt have, comparing these and
discussing their features/design. Similar to my post with subject
"filesel notes" that you can find in the archives from a few months

Do you think you might have time/interest to do that?


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