Re: EggMenu

Ettore Perazzoli <ettore ximian com> writes:
> Yeah, I am curious about this as well.  What are the plans regarding
> dock-like functionality?

I believe there is a plan to make a plan. ;-)

> I'd be willing to port the current Bonobo code (which I wrote) to GTK,
> by of course fixing its well-known problems and limitations.  But I'd
> like to know what the plan is.
> The design of the menu/toolbar merging code probably needs to take this
> into account from the start.

Absolutely. IMO we need the dock, the GnomeApp equivalent, and the
menu/toolbar API to go in as one big unit.  (Ideally the IDE-style
pseudo-MDI thingy would also go in, if possible. Meaning you can stack
multiple open documents in a notebook, tear off a document to be
floating, etc.)

One random item that should be handled in the doc/GnomeApp widget is
allowing themes to do a nicer job with menu/toolbar bevels than they
currently can. For example, draw a single bevel instead of two
adjacent bevels when two toolbars are next to each other. Right now
themes have to draw each menu/toolbar in isolation with no knowledge
of context.


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