Re: EggMenu

Hi James,

	I'm curious as to what Gtk+ will do about a Dock-like API, and whether
- given that we need to continue to support a dock-like setup in bonobo,
whether there will be sufficient hooks for that.

	Also; I take Ettore's point about paths; they are relatively
complicated to understand I suppose - and the placeholder paradigm
doesn't help much, especially that items can't go inside 'default'
placeholders, but must go after them to have any sanity to the path at
all (eg.).

	Another thing that needs taking into account is the issue of user saved
XML files, particularly wrt. people adding and removing actions, or
changing the role of actions. Some sort of serial matching scheme might
work there.

	Finally - I still believe the decision to use the Gtk+ scheme for
keybindings is a serious mistake. I think that keybindings should be
associated with actions, I think they should be stored in the same place
as the UI organisation [ should the user save a UI file ], and most
importantly that they should allow overriding etc. in the same way as
the rest of the file. Eg. Nautilus might have '+' to add a file, but
using EOG embedded '+' might zoom in - trivial to do with the existing
overriding / replacing logic necessary in the new code. [ done by having
the path of the node contain the key binding name & the action to which
it's associated, as in libbonoboui ].



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