Re: A rewritten gnome-sound-recorder

On Mon, 2010-08-16 at 12:36 +0200, Frederic Peters wrote:
> Hello Florent,
> > I'm coding a new gnome-sound-recorder from scratch, using Vala as
> > programing language, and based on Hylke Bons mockups 
> >
> Excellent idea!  You could join #gnome-design ans discuss things with
> Hylke (hbons), perhaps he has updates on the design.
> > I need some help with the source chooser because even reproducing the
> > code from the original gnome-sound-recorder it won't work... at all.
> You could do without and defer to PulseAudio (and GNOME Sound
> Preferences) to select the input channel; actually it looks like
> the current recorder does this.

I don't think it should defer. It should certainly default to the
selected default input, but it should probably allow selecting whichever
source is available. You'd need to use PA to do that, or re-use some of
the code in gnome-volume-control to enumerate the sources.

> > What's more in don't understand a thing about makefiles, so
> > the project is not currently installable and lacks internationalization.
> > Though it's quite easy to compile and run it with one line of code.
> > If you are interested I can publish the code to a gitorious depo, the
> > code unfortunately needs cleanup and lacks comments.
> Sure, please publish; and don't hesitate to ask for comments or
> assistance on #gnome-love, or on the corresponding mailing list
> (gnome-love gnome org)

The easiest, and probably the right route, would be to integrate this
into gnome-media itself, which would save you some of that work.


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