Re: [Totem] Browser plugin gstreamer

On Tue, 2008-08-19 at 22:47 +0300, Felipe Contreras wrote:
> No, Milosz Derezynski was the one who suggested that, possibly
> assuming that the issue Mark saw with totem was the fact that it
> needed too many dependencies.

Depends on GTK+, gvfs and a media framework, when built that way, and
hopefully soon just that (ie. we'll have dropped the libgnomeui

> As a reference there is gst-simple-player which is a bare-bones
> application I started.
> And there's a couple of GTK+ widgets David Schleef started:

It would be smaller because it has less features :)

> I believe what Mark Trompell was looking for was a simple browser
> plugin that could use simple stuff as those above.

> > Which mime-type would your plugin support then?
> video/x-msvideo
> video/divx
> video/avi
> video/ogg

For the first and the third, a lot of websites will be thinking they
have a WMP plugin, which will then not work on those sites. And because
of the way the more popular web browsers work, you won't be able to only
use your plugin for the one site.

So you'll need to either invent a new mime-type, for web developers to
use, or mimic the expected behaviour.

In all cases, I think the point of this discussion is moot. Totem will
have less dependencies in the future, and it's already installed by
default on a number of distributions.

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