Re: [Totem] Browser plugin gstreamer

On Tue, 2008-08-19 at 16:16 +0300, Felipe Contreras wrote:
> 4 most popular plugins? It's implemented using NPAPI [1]

I wrote a web browser plugin already, I know what NPAPI is ;)

> , so in theory
> should be supported by: Mozilla Application Suite, Mozilla Firefox,
> Safari, Opera, Konqueror and some versions of Microsoft Internet
> Explorer.

That's not what I meant. You'll need to support Real Player, Windows
Media Player, QuickTime and VLC nowadays. Our support for the first one
is really sketchy, but the other 3 are complete enough to work with a
majority of websites.

> Is playlist support a must-have feature? If so, probably should be
> handled by a GStreamer element. Fullscreen support should not be that
> difficult, but I leave that to somebody else.

Yes, it's a must-have.

FWIW, you can probably have a complete web browser plugin in not much
space by packaging it properly in a sub-package.

$(libdir)/ (shared with Totem itself)
$(pkgdatadir)/fullscreen.ui (shared with Totem itself)

That comes in under a meg stripped...

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