Re: Common music database?

On Tue, 2006-03-14 at 03:12 +0100, Milosz Derezynski wrote:
> Also on a more practical side of this all and the enthusiasm aside,
> what should be presented to the user if he launches several players at
> once using this common, shared database? 
>  <snip>
> AFAIK you cannot open and manipulate the exact same database multiple
> times trough sqlite3; this is a situation that has thought about (even
> if we, i'm sorry, you, decide that this should be the case [that the
> user can't run multiple players at once]).

Using multiple music players at one probably wouldn't be too common.
However I can think of a number of situations where multiple clients
would be useful.

For example, someone could write a deskbar-applet backend to search the
shared music database. In conjunction with the "common control
interface" thing that has been discusses here and there, this could be
very cool.

So while concurrent access isn't a must-have feature, I think it would
be *very* desirable. In a discussion I had a few weeks ago with Jeff
Waugh, he mentioned a database called "ldb" or "lmdm" or something (I
can't remember exactly), which was similar to sqlite but had full
support for concurrent use.


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