Re: Common music database?

On 3/13/06, Aaron Bockover <abockover novell com> wrote:

> f) Must be portable, should be written in C; by portable I mean...
> Windows, OS X, other Unixes.

While I'm not against it being deliberatly portable to Windows or OSX,
can I ask why you think this is such an essential element?

Is it really likely that we'll get the big 3 (itunes, windows media
player,winamp) to use it and I don't actually know anyone who uses a
different player on these systems (this is not a call for a flood of
emails saying "my best friend's cousin's gran's dog's neighbour uses
XYZPlayer" or similar anecdotal claims)

I just think that for thing that has limited scope to open source
media players that run on unix, spending our time making it portable
sounds like time that could be better spent on other things...if
someone on Windows wants to port it (and contribute patches back) let
them, but we've got finite resources here, so lets use them in the
best possible way.


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